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Songwriter, Singer, Harmonica Player & Producer of his CD: "Death To Life."

Death To Life is a compilation of original songs by Darby Tillis about his experience as a wrongfully convicted man on Illinois' death row and his life after being released. Songs include "Death to Life," "Amazing Grace," and "Preaching to Death Row." The CD is available for purchase for $10.

Please click on the links below to listen to short samples from "Death to Life":

Track 1 - "It Wasn't My Fault: - Darby sings his uptempo blues song about the hardship of starting a new life after death row.
Track 2 - "Preaching to the Row" - Set free, Darby sings "I'm going back to death row to preach the gospel and try to save some good men."
Track 3 - "Death to Life" - Darby, with his deep, strong voice, tells his story. "My day of horror started December 8, 1977, when I walked into the police station of my own free will to inquire about a rumor...."
Track 4 - "Amazing Grace/Wade in the Water" - Darby grew up playing his screaming blues harmonica. While on death row, these were two of the favorite songs he loved to play and sing to give him inspiration day to day. Darby found Jesus and was saved after hearing "Amazing Grace"